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Exceptional Care

HDS is a specialist prosthodontics practice in the heart of Harley Street. Our private clinic offers a bespoke range of expert dental treatments using cutting edge technology, the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment.

We deliver first-class skill and precision into rebuilding and restoring your oral health by creating functional and aesthetic long-lasting solutions.  Our ethos is simple: we offer outstanding quality of care and only the highest standard in all our treatment services, ensuring lasting benefits to all our patients.

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At HDS we offer a wide range of specialist treatments and provide only the best in aesthetic and clinical dentistry. With our extensive experience and commitment to the highest standards, we will discuss all of the options available to help you achieve a fully restored, healthy-looking mouth.

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We are on The Greener Practice Pathway

At Heffernan Dental Specialists, we are on a mission to ‘Go Greener’ and opted to partake in a comprehensive and worthwhile programme called The Greener Practice Pathway: a step-by-step approach to becoming more environmentally sustainable that involves the whole dental team. Green Dentistry devised the programme so that dental practices country-wide can make a difference by reducing their environmental impacts.

‘Dentists work in a highly demanding healthcare sector, and we are already fully committed to infection prevention, quality treatments and a high standard of patient care’, says Dr Kate Heffernan. ‘But many of our patients may be unaware of the environmental impact of Dentistry: areas like energy, waste, water, travel (staff and patients), consumables and disposables, including PPE; for example, the use of PPE pre-pandemic was already very high, but the increases in single-use PPE seen during Covid is unsustainable. As an industry, we too need to take responsibility for the environment, and The Greener Practice Pathway will make it easier for us implement new policies and procedures that enable Heffernan Dental Specialists to be at the forefront of sustainability in Dentistry in London”.

We at Heffernan Dental Specialists would love to receive comments, feedback, and ideas on sustainability from patients and look forward to sharing progress over the coming weeks and months.