About us

At HDS we use specialist skill and precision to provide first-class oral care, creating long-lasting functional and aesthetic solutions. Our ethos is simple: we offer outstanding quality of care and only the highest standard in all our treatment services, ensuring lasting benefits to all of our patients. 

Prosthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry which focuses on the restoration of natural teeth and the replacement of missing teeth by the creation and installation of natural-looking prosthetic teeth. 

Imperfect teeth can result from birth abnormalities, traumatic accidents, natural decay, or simple wear-and-tear. In turn, defective or absent teeth can result negatively on confidence or self-esteem. Prosthodontics seeks to amend this in a multitude of ways: crooked teeth can be straightened, stained teeth can be whitened, and chipped or broken teeth can be repaired. Missing teeth can even be replaced, using routine procedures such as bespoke creation and installation of a crown to cap the damaged tooth, or more intricate procedures such as full mouth reconstruction of mutilated dentitions.

At HDS we restore imperfect teeth to a fully-functional, attractive, and natural-looking splendour, under the helm of an experienced prosthodontist. 


At HDS we pride ourselves on our expertise. A prosthodontist’s extensive training provides expertise in restorative treatment above and beyond that of a general dentist. Prosthodontics is one of the 13 official dental specialties recognised by the General Dental Council the UK dental profession’s regulatory body. A prosthodontist has completed an accredited specialist-training programme, usually an additional 3-5 years of dedicated training, which ensures a higher level of expertise in this field. Specialist training also incorporates knowledge of the other dental specialties, so a patient’s treatment plan can be integrated to ensure the highest level of care.