Hygiene Therapy

Excellent oral hygiene is one of the most effective ways of preventing future dental issues.By cleaning your teeth effectively, both at home and with the support and encouragement of the hygienists you will be preventing future tooth decay and gum disease which can both lead to periodontal disease and possible tooth & bone loss.

Dental hygienists use different methods to remove plaque, the sticky colourless deposits of bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth, to prevent cavities, gingivitis and gum disease. Oral hygiene advice and instruction is given along with smoking cessation. With oral health prevention is better than cure and by seeing a hygienist regularly you will be reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth loss because even with the best brushing it is difficult for 100% technique.

We also offer a DIRECT ACCESS to DENTAL HYGIENISTS appointment system which means that, with the exception of tooth whitening, you are under no obligation to also be seen by a dentist at Heffernan Dental Specialists Limited. So, if you want convenience of having a first class dental hygiene treatment, but want to remain a patient at your local or family dentist, that will not be a problem. However, you are more than welcome to consult with or become a patient of Heffernan Dental should you choose.