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Hygiene Therapy
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Fee Scale 2022

These are for guidance only and are not quotes.
Often estimates for the overall cost of treatment can only be given once a proper assessment has been made, as every case is unique.


General patient consultation from   £220
New patient & referral patient consultation from   £220
Small x-ray from   £15
OPT x-ray from   £55


Molar   £1040
Premolar   £1040
Incisor   £1040
Removal of post or broken instrument   £395
Diagnostic appointment for patients who wish to discuss root-canal therapy   £180


Study models mounted on denar articulator for analysis   £395
Restorations/Fillings from   £295
Occlusal splint (modified Michigan splint) including three adjustments apt.)   £1720
Tooth coloured filling from   £295
Amalgam filling from   £295

Crowns / Bridges / Onlays / Veneers / Inlays

Crowns- Ceramic from   £2074
Bridges per unit from £2074
Veneer (single) from £2074


Extraction, preserving as much existing bone as possible but 
without augmentation   £295
Surgical tooth removal per tooth   £495
Extraction plus augmentation surgery to maximise bone for implant placement   £850
Unilateral sinus-lift from   £2500
Single Implant fixture placement from   £2070
Implant restored with crown & abutment total fee from   £3800


Intravenous sedation administered by an anaesthetist per hour from   £300

Hygiene therapy / Periodontal

Hygienel maintenance session   £150
Periodontal therapy session from   £195
Crown lengthening surgery from   £595
Periodontal consultation with Specialist Periodontist   £180