I just wanted to say a big THANKYOU for Monday morning. I was incredibly busy and stressed with work and, truth be told, not looking forward to my appointment. But as ever you made it as relaxing as a dentist appointment could feasibly be and at no time did the work in the slightest

Thankyou and have a lovely weekend,

Daniel Morgenthau

If you have ever been self conscious about smiling because of receding gums I suggest you contact Kate Heffernan. I have recently had a gum slip from Kate and am smiling all the time now. The difference is amazing, and very few people even noticed, the old teeth showed cap lines and discoloured teeth which were evident, but with a simple gum slip that is all covered and my teeth look normal. So normal that even my husband took 6 days to notice that my smile had improved immeasurably, but then he is a man. Thank you Kate.

Barbara Bates

I cannot praise enough Dr Heffernan's skilful work on my teeth.   I suffered the dreadful trauma of pushing my two front teeth back into my mouth through an accident and Dr Heffernan not only saved my teeth but made me look as though nothing had ever happened!   It was remarkable.  In my opinion her dentistry is simply the best.

Suzanne Reinholt

I write to thank you for having cured my bite problem, since having the treatment no tongue, cheeck or lip has come to any harm. As you remember I was reluctant to have any treatment mainly because I felt that it would not work and because I was and am a firm believer in leaving well alone; how wrong I was!. Since you completed the work my bite has been wonderful and very comfortable. I am totally delighted with your treatment as always, but this time it has given back my enjoyment in eating.

With many thanks and warm regards

Mr Jack Fox (Retired dentist)

I have been delighted with my new smile following treatment to have both my upper and lower teeth straightened with clear aligners. I was given all the information I needed to make a decision and I am so pleased I went ahead as the results are amazing. I feel very lucky to have found a dentist who is both professional and approachable, who takes the time to listen to my concerns. I must mention her team who are friendly and always accommodating when arranging appointments. I would recommend Heffernan Dental to any of my friends and family.

Mrs M Beverley 

Dear Kate

I wanted to say what a great job you have done in giving me the perfect smile! My new crowns have filled me with confidence and I am now proud to give a full beaming grin.

Thank you.

Gregg Baker

We would like to let you know what a wonderful job both you and Tracey do looking after the whole families dental health. We find you all thoroughly professional and hard-working and are always meticulous and laser-focused on what matters most.

Ultimately they are genuinely trusted, which really says it all.

Richard & Debbie Klein and family

Dear Dr. Heffernan,

I am writing to say how delighted I am with the cantilever bridge made from tooth 34 recently. Thank you for your meticulous work in making sure the fit was perfect. The new tooth has made a lot of difference to my eating, and from day one I was really comfortable!. It also looks very natural and makes my teeth look more complete.

Thank you Joan.

Dear Kate,

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the delay In writing to thank you for the amazing work you did in giving me teeth that make me want to smile. It really has transformed my life. For years I had always avoided having photos taken as I was so embarrassed by the poor state of my teeth, but those days are gone. I know it was a complex case involving implants, bridges and a denture but nothing seemed to phase you. Please can you also thank Verity who was always so helpful and patient whenever I telephoned the surgery for advice. Her calmness and efficiency was so reassuring and no matter how many times I called, I was never made to feel I was a nuisance.

When you next have a prospective patient who has concerns as to whether or not to embark on similar treatment, please do not hesitate to let them see this testimonial and also my before and after photos. Once again many thanks to you all.

Jane Gee

December 2017

Dear Kate,

Truly amazing dental work- since I had my teeth restored to working order not a day has passed without me thanking you for better eating,better appearance & convenience-well I cant thank you enough.

Yours kindly


September 2018

I arrived at Kate Heffernan's in a ball of pain and an emotional wreck but I need not worried, Kate greeted me with such a warm, calming personality. Kate is very professional and amazing at her job. I was made a night splint to wear and it helped alleviate the pain I was in.Before seeing Kate  I was taking up to 14 painkillers  a day

Kate gave me back my smile, confidence, and sanity plus  no more painkillers!. I now have my life back thanks to Kate & Verity, her manager along with  her team who all put me at ease. All I can say is wow I'm glad I was recommended to Kate by  another lovely dentist.


October 2020

we were prompted to drop you a line to express our appreciation of the work you and the team are doing in these difficult times.

We are both currently being careful about the need to travel, and are largely staying indoors - but it is a great comfort to know that you are there, and playing such a critical and caring role.

On the two recent occasions (during the last four weeks) when Thom has visited the surgery under the Covid-safe protocols, the welcome and care shown by yourself and the team has been exemplary and very reassuring. Thank you for providing such a safe and positive environment.

In so far as one ever looks forward to visiting the dentist (!), we are both looking forward to setting some new dates

Thom & Gill

May 2021

Dear Kate

I just wanted to thank you for the way in which you dealt with my tooth and replaced it.  The extraction of the old incisor was really painless and I did not suffer from any pain or bleeding afterwards. The replacement itself was also free from pain or any discomfort, and the match to the adjacent incisor remarkably good. I have had many complements on my new appearance, and in fact the new tooth is a better match than I have had for many years, or indeed from childhood. 

I am very grateful, and full of admiration for your skill.  

With best wishes


March 2022

Excellent care, treatment and kindness from Team HDS, highly recommended.
Kind regards
Mrs E F Ali, MSc.